TGIF … I spent the morning looking after my youngest with a stomach bug. We lay on the couch watching “Hart of Dixie” (cute, fluff filled CW show) it’s totally unbelievable but it has a great country music, cute costumes and some eye candy. I had an awesome lunch that consisted of ice cold water, Greek pineapple yogurt and ¾ of a French baguette filled with a fried egg, lettuce and tomato. It was heavenly. Apart from being tired and the morning sickness (that lasts all day) I’m feeling pretty good. E&M’s baby is hopefully settling in nicely. I am so anxious for the ultra-sound next Wednesday!

 This weekend is supposed to be perfect wave weather so we might hit the beach on Sunday so my hubby can surf and the boys and I can play in the water. I love that we only live 20minutes from the beach. The Monday we’re hopefully going to pick up the newest addition to our family, a PUPPY! I found a breeder 4 hours away that has a white boxer puppy that we put a deposit down on. We already have a name for her …. Sam. We haven’t told the kids yet, can’t wait to see their faces though!

 I am looking forward to going to bed tonight! I forgot how tired the first trimester is (and how nauseous I am all.the.time) But… in truth, it’s a small discomfort if it will help bring a baby into this world.

 I’m still trying to figure this blog out, so please forgive me if random errors appear, I am in the midst in learning and tweaking. I am trying to figure out how to had links (websites/blogs) that I love to my homepage, maybe I’ll figure it out this weekend J I also have a bunch of pictures and recipes that I want to upload.

 Have an awesome weekend xx


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