8 Weeks along and behind :)

6/5/13 Hi everyone … so the last 2 weeks have been crazy busy with Dr’s appointments, morning sickness and a new puppy (what were we thinking?). I went for a follow up appointment with my Dr last week and everything looked good, even got to hear the heart beat which I managed to video record for E&M so they could hear it! I love hearing the heart beat, it makes it seem so real! Morning sickness is kicking my butt though! Yesterday I caved and got my Dr to prescribe Zofran for me (to help suppress the nauseous) it’s sort of been helping ha ha. So according to my Dr and from when the transfer was (and the age of the embryo at the time) we are exactly 7 weeks 2 days pregnant. So about 4 or 5 days off from what we originally thought. E&M came down for today’s appointment which was great. They got to see their little baby U/S and hear the heartbeat! They then took me out for lunch which was so sweet of them. They kept apologizing for me feeling sick 🙂 it just comes with the territory!

6/11/13 Instead of writing a separate post I thought I would just add on to this one. I am now 8 weeks pregnant and this little raspberry is doing numbers on my poor stomach! I threw up at work for the first time today, luckily no one heard me (I hope) if they did I feel so sorry for them. I am not the quietest of people when I throw up, it’s loud, disgusting and really gross! But I guess it helps me work out what this little bean doesn’t like, this morning? A smoothie from Publix! Things at home are crazy with Sam (the puppy) and Caleb tiling our living room. It should be done by this weekend which will give us our space back. We also have to go shopping for a new dishwasher this weekend (cannot wait!) doing the dishes every night is very tedious! Father’s day is coming up this weekend. I have a few things up my sleeve but am going to head over to Pinterest to see if they have any other cute ideas. I have belly and a U/S picture that I’ll post tonight!Elle xx


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