Groundhog Day


So I (or rather E&M) are now just over 9 weeks pregnant and things are going well. I’m still nauseous 95% of the time and throwing up every other day but it’s all good, totally worth it! So I’m basically stuck in my own personal ground hog day.
Basically my weekdays consist of:

6:20am – Get up, take the dog out, feed the kids, take dog out, get coffee and Caleb’s breakfast ready, take dog out, get dressed and do make-up, take dog out.
7:25am – take boys to school
8am-5pm – Work
5:20pm – Pick boys up from school
5:30pm – 8pm – Dinner, walk and feed the dog, bath, boys to bed.
8pm – 10:30pm – Caleb tiling while I do dishes and then relax and try not throw up 😉

Weekends are pretty much the same except throw in the boys and I in the dining room while poor Caleb tiles 🙂 I must admit the lounge looks amazing though, and he’s almost done, hopefully we should have the house back to normal this weekend!

I still have to upload belly pictures and the first scan, I am so behind on that! Excited though, our new dishwasher is arriving on Saturday, no more hand washing 🙂 And I just signed up for the Summer Switch Witch on the BPAL forum. Basically you get assigned a persona and you send them gifts and cards anonymously and in return someone send stuff to you too. I love it and I can’t wait till I’m matched with my witchee. If you love perfume you have to check out Black Phoenix (link is at the bottom of my blog) they sell AMAZING perfume blends.

I’m trying not to get my hopes up but I’m feeling a little better, not 100% but certainly not as nauseous as I’ve been, trying to stay positive but I don’t want to say it out loud incase the nauseous comes back ha ha!


One thought on “Groundhog Day

  1. I can’t believe we are at 10 weeks! We are so excited about our visit in July! AND i get to see you and your summer tummy. I wonder if I can hear heart beat via tummy:-)

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