And we have movement…..

What a whirlwind couple of weeks it’s been! 2 weeks ago we drove up to Lake Summit NC and spent a long weekend with E&M and some of their (and our friends) it was AMAZING!
We all had so much fun, the boys especially! We ate, played in the lake, went on the boats, Caleb went skiing (he got it the first time going out! I was so proud of him! E’s teachings helped 🙂 )
The family cabin we stayed in was beautiful, and the views? To die for. I’ll try and put some pictures up tonight.
The Friday night we got to meet some of E&M’s friends and our best friends who live 30min away came round for dinner too, good times were had. Supper was incredible, chicken curry! I think E&M’s baby enjoys spicy food as I do!
I got to wear a bikini too, but most of the time it just looked like I had a beer belly …

Oh which reminds me. On the drive up we had to stop at Wal-mart for a potty break (the joys of travelling with small children.) Anyway as we’re walking around the store we passed an older gentleman who had a rather large stomach (think Santa Claus) anyway my oldest looks at him and then me and exclaims:

“Mama look! That man has a baby in his belly too!”

I couldn’t stop laughing (the innocence of children!) Luckily the man didn’t hear!

The weekend went all to quickly and Monday morning we left early to drive home. Soon after we got home I left to meet E&M in Savannah for our Gender U/S. The traffic was really bad for them but luckily we were the last patients for the day so the U/S tech waited for them. It was such a lovely visit. We got to see the baby move around so much (very stubborn little thing, obviously gets it from mom and dad!) Everything is perfect  

I had another regular Dr’s appointment with my Dr the following Wednesday and everything was good there too, heart beat was in the 150’s which is good (love hearing that sound, it makes me think of galloping horses!)

I knew for sure that I felt this precious little angel move on August 29th. I was lying in bed and felt a nudge. Wondering if it was a gas bubble and so I just waited. Sure enough a moment later I felt another nudge in the same spot  Since then I feel the baby quite regularly, it’s still very soft but definitely a baby! Late evenings are the babies most active time!

This past Labor Day weekend I surprised myself by completing 2 tasks that I set out to do! Normally I’ll think of something, say I want to do it and then never get round to it because I get lazy! So I cleaned out my car (HUGE ACHIEVEMENT!) it just needs a good vacuum and a wash but that can wait. I also refurbished an old cork board into a jewelry holder (got the idea from Pinterest) turned out pretty well. Here is a picture:


So other than that nothing much else exciting is going on 🙂 I am planning something exciting in 2 weeks time (not baby related) but I can’t share what that is yet (I hope I didn’t say anything in an earlier post, if I did, I blame it on pregnancy brain!) EDIT: Ok nevermind, I did post about it ha ha, my BFF’s birthday is in 3 weeks time and I’m planning to surprise her 🙂

I haven’t posted any bump pictures in a while so here you go!

18 19 20

21 W


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