D-day is almost upon us!

I can’t believe that the induction date is just around the corner (although she could come anyday now.) I feel huge like an enourmous whale. We had a wonderful Christmas (I was lucky enough to get a brand new Nikon digital camera from Caleb) which I was so shocked and excited about. It takes beautiful picture. I can’t wait to go outside and do some experimenting with it. It’ll be nice for him to use at the birth too! The boys loved Christmas too.
The boys and I got to meet M&E for lunch in Savannah last weekend which was very special (it’s the last time I’ll see them before the birth!) they treated us and brought Christmas presents!
I’ve had a weird cold the past week, it seems everyday I loose and gain a new sympon. Last Sunday I had an afternoon nap and wke up to body aches everywhere (so abd I could barely walk!) a migraine and very bad lower back pain. That stayed till Monday night 😦 then that went away and I got a cough and a stuffy/runny nose. Now all I have is a bit of a stuffy nose. Weird but I’ll take that over the body pain anyday (Monday I ended up having 2 baths and a shower to ease the pain).
I had a regular Dr’s appointment on Monday and everything was fine. I’m not dialted, belly measuring perfect, heart rates good (mine and the babies) and weight gain is at around 17lbs total (not too bad). I have my final (hopefully) appointment this Monday before teh induction the following Monday the 13th.
Our BFF’s from NC are coming down next weekend to help out for a week which I am so excited for! Other than that not much else has been happening. Rang in the New Year very quietly. So the next time I type I’ll be bumpless and should have some beautiful baby pictures to show off. This has been an amazing journey that I can’t wait to complete (the final birth part and completeing a family being the most exciting and anticipated thing EVER!) I am so excited!!! Anyway some belly pictures:

36 37 W Collage

37 + 5 38 W Collage