D-day is almost upon us!

I can’t believe that the induction date is just around the corner (although she could come anyday now.) I feel huge like an enourmous whale. We had a wonderful Christmas (I was lucky enough to get a brand new Nikon digital camera from Caleb) which I was so shocked and excited about. It takes beautiful picture. I can’t wait to go outside and do some experimenting with it. It’ll be nice for him to use at the birth too! The boys loved Christmas too.
The boys and I got to meet M&E for lunch in Savannah last weekend which was very special (it’s the last time I’ll see them before the birth!) they treated us and brought Christmas presents!
I’ve had a weird cold the past week, it seems everyday I loose and gain a new sympon. Last Sunday I had an afternoon nap and wke up to body aches everywhere (so abd I could barely walk!) a migraine and very bad lower back pain. That stayed till Monday night 😦 then that went away and I got a cough and a stuffy/runny nose. Now all I have is a bit of a stuffy nose. Weird but I’ll take that over the body pain anyday (Monday I ended up having 2 baths and a shower to ease the pain).
I had a regular Dr’s appointment on Monday and everything was fine. I’m not dialted, belly measuring perfect, heart rates good (mine and the babies) and weight gain is at around 17lbs total (not too bad). I have my final (hopefully) appointment this Monday before teh induction the following Monday the 13th.
Our BFF’s from NC are coming down next weekend to help out for a week which I am so excited for! Other than that not much else has been happening. Rang in the New Year very quietly. So the next time I type I’ll be bumpless and should have some beautiful baby pictures to show off. This has been an amazing journey that I can’t wait to complete (the final birth part and completeing a family being the most exciting and anticipated thing EVER!) I am so excited!!! Anyway some belly pictures:

36 37 W Collage

37 + 5 38 W Collage


It’s almost push time :)

I can’t believe how the time has flown! In some ways it’s gone by so fast, others it’s going by so slowly. As of today we are 35 weeks and 6 days pregnant. Tomorrow will be 36 weeks! We’re all excited and nervous. We have a tentative induction date of around January 13th but technically she could arrive anytime.
I went in yesterday for my 2 week regular appointment which will now become weekly visits and all was good. My cervix was closed and her heart rate was in the 130’s. I’ve also only gained around 16lbs so far which I’m pretty happy with.
We had a Growth Scan done. The U/S technician said she’s around 6 – 6 1/2 pounds and is measuring about a week ahead (which doesn’t, however change the due date.) See pictures below. So all in all she’s doing goo. I’m doing well too. Just tired and my feet get swollen.

TMI ALERT … I couldn’t figure out how to do a spoiler wall of text so I’ll be brief. I have the worst hemorrhoid in history. I “affectionately” call him Hemi. Well Hemi arrived last Wednesday and is still hanging around. Purple bloody and angry. I had to “sleep” on the couch for a few nights because sitting up right was the ONLY “comfortable” position. Hemi “burst” somewhat on Monday night but is still there. The medication I have I guess is trying to work to reduce his size/get rid of him but doesn’t do much for the pain. The days are not too bad. Nights are the worst. I find a warm bath and vaseline work the best. Hoping he’ll ease off soon and be gone before the baby arrives.  END OF TMI.

My co-workers were nice enough to give me a little Non-baby shower today. (See picture below) Cookies, cupcakes, brownies, a gift card and a beautiful card filled with very sweet messages.

I am almost done with my Christmas shopping. Caleb is mostly done, although I do want to get him a few more little things tis weekend. We have to order the things for the boys tonight.  I also caved this year and started doing the Elf on the Shelf. Although I didn’t do the regular Elf that comes with the book, I did the same one but the Plush toy. He was named “Elfie” by our 4 year old. The boys have been having fun seeing what he gets up too. Next year I’ll have to get creative!

I spoke to my BFF today and she is going to be coming down the week the baby is due to partly watch the boys incase Caleb has to be at the hospital with me and they’re not at school but mostly to come visit. I’m so excited, her BF will also be coming down a few days later and be spending a long weekend with us. I can’t wait, we miss them so much! It’ll be so great to see them. We have a backup plan incase the baby comes early but either way they’ll still come down to visit 🙂

The weather is getting cooler which is lovely. I have to get some fire logs this weekend so that Caleb and I can sit outside by the fire pit some evenings when the boys are in bed. I want to try and go and see the local Festival of Lights this weekend. It’s a local nature reserve/trail that they set up with lights and music, it’s really pretty. Just have to twist Caleb’s arm! We actually might be able to take Sam if she’s on a lead, will have to call and see…

Anyway I’m sure there was more I wanted to post but I can’t remember 😛 I’ll def try and post at least one more entry before she arrives.  Bump pictures ahead:

33-35 Mix collage


It’s the most wonderful time of the year …

WOW I am so behind in posting an update it’s scary 🙂

So right now I am 32 weeks along and officially in the 3rd trimester Less than 2 months to go. EDD is around 1/15/13!  Updates, the chiropractor has been great, I still get lower back pain now and then but I try and have nice warm showers when that happens.

E&M came down for Halloween which was fun. We went trick or treating (it was so hot) I was lazy and ended up just staying in my Cruella Deville outfit. We then took them out for dinner. The next day was our court hearing/birth order. I got us all lost (blush) which was stressful, luckily the judge had pushed us back and was seeing other random cases first. So we ended up waiting for about an hour and a half before he saw us. He wasn’t the most friendly of judges but it went smooth enough.  We went and pre-registered at the hospital too.

We had to miss going up for the baby shower which was disappointing but I was just to tired to travel. I was told it went off beautifully. I can’t wait to see pictures from E&M.

Since then my Dr. appointments have been pretty regular. I go every 2 weeks now. I failed my 1 hour glucose test (boo) but thankfully passed the 3 hour test (my Dr. apparently wasn’t worried at all J) We’re looking at possible inducing come January if everything looks good. I’m hoping my body will follow along the same courses that it did with my 2 boys but we’ll see. She could surprise us all. For right now she needs to bake a little longer. Although I am exhausted ALL THE TIME…. Despite being an old woman and going to bed early almost every night.  And it’s not like I can even drink coffee or soda for the caffeine because 1. it make me feel so sick and 2. it’s not good for the baby.

Last weekend we went to a nearby town to have a 3d/4d scan done. The lady was nice although a little eccentric. Pictures turned out lovely, despite the baby being a stubborn little miss and holding the umbilical cord in front of her face! Lately she has been moving around like crazy (I’m talking somersaults!!) mostly in the evening.  

I can’t believe that it’s Thanksgiving next week already. I’ll be at home on Thursday and Friday (We’ll probably put the Christmas tree up on Thursday … can’t wait!) Now we just have to decide if we’re going to do a nice beef roast or chicken. I’ll wait till closer to the day and see what the grocery store has. I will be making Malva pudding (a sugary apricot sponge cake) so I have to go to World Market sometime and buy some custard.  

Anyway onto the bump pictures up to date: Weeks 27-32 …. And HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!

27-32 collage                                                                                                                                                                    CDV 29 Side Hands