Birth Story

After having a wonderful afternoon at Palm B with my best friend, kids, hubby and intended parents we headed to Longhorn Steakhouse for an early dinner. I enjoyed a 10oz New York Strip steak. We went home and relaxed. While the boys were in the bath I felt a little nauseous but put it down to eating too much. We chatted and ended up going to bed around 11pm. We had joked with the intended father that I if I wasn’t being induced  how long would she stay put, with the way I was feeling I figured she’d bake for at least another week. Boy were we wrong!
We went to bed and my hubby and I chatted for a while. He expressed concerns that even though we were scheduled for an induction the next morning I hadn’t had any labor symptoms yet. Not 15min later from him saying that I started having pains. Contraction pains!! The contractions I started having were mild, irregular, lasting 30 seconds and coming every 1 minute or so. Pain level about a 2. After a while hubby thinks we should call IP’s and head to the hospital. I’m hesitant and keep telling him lets wait for one more contraction. He continues to get ready and I reluctantly get dressed and do my makeup.  He calls the IP’s who was sleeping and tells them what’s going on. IF thought we were joking! We leave the house just after 12am. We start timing the contractions with songs and they’re coming every 3-4min with the pain slowly intensifying. Lots of deer on the road to Hospital.
We arrive at the ER at SM at 1am. We walk in and it feels like the contractions are slowing down.  We sign in and wait for them to bring a wheelchair (which I don’t want but hubby insists.) I have another contraction but t seems milder. We get taken upstairs to L&D but all of the staff we speak to don’t have us on the list for an induction at 5am! We go into an exam room and I give a urine sample and change into a hospital gown. Contractions have stopped. We get introduced to R, a L&D nurse. She hooks me up to a monitor and asks me bunch of questions.  I haven’t had a contraction in a while which is stressing me out. Not seconds late they started up again. R told us that if I didn’t progress they’d probably send me home. She checked me and I was 5cm dilated already!!!!!!! I wasn’t going home!
After a few minutes and some contractions later I got wheeled into the delivery room, Room 6. I told R that I was nervous about the IV and she said not to worry that her supervisor was a pro. A little while later J (the head nurse) came in to put in my IV. We listened to her talk and asked her where she was from, found out she was from our hometown, Cape Town! IP’s  arrived just after 2am.
Dr. P (my Doctor) wasn’t on call (she was only coming in at 7am) and Dr. Pre who was there said that he probably wouldn’t end up delivering. 
My contractions were getting much stronger so Dr. Pre suggested he call the anesthesiologist to give me my epidural. This was done and I sat back to relax a little bit. The epidural didn’t work 100% and I still had a lot of feeling in the lower right hand side of my back. The pain was bearable though. R came and put in my catheter. For the next hour or so hubby and I just relaxed, chatting with IP’s and taking some pictures. At one point my heart rate dropped a lot and I got very pale and lethargic. R came and gave me some medication in my IV to up my heart rate, this perked me right up.
Around  5am the contractions became very intense (I could still feel them in part of my back) and I knew the baby was coming (so did hubby although we didn’t verbalize it.) R came in to check me. I had had my bloody show and I was 10cm dilated, but he baby was still quite high up. She left and a few minutes later J came in and said “Ons gaan jou water breek” which means “We’re going to break your water.” She was happy because she had hoped to help deliver the baby before she left at 7am.
Dr. Pre came in and checked me and confirmed that I was 10cm and that my water had already broken (probably during the bloody show). They started prepping for when I’d start pushing. IF came in and said hi and bye (he’s squeamish) and then went next door to wait. IM stood next to me on the right with hubby and R and J stood on my left.
At 5:45am we started pushing. By then I couldn’t really feel the contractions so I had to wait for J or Dr. Pre to tell me when to push. The first 2 sets of 3 pushes each (holding my breath for 10 seconds on each push) I kept pushing in my face and had to remember how to push. The next 3 sets I started to remember how to push. Hubby was my rock throughout the whole process. Baby girl was born at 6:02am after only 15 minutes of pushing. She weighed 7lb 10 oz and was 19 inches long. They rushed her next door so she could get cleaned up and bond with the IP’s.
I didn’t have any tears just some abrasions/bruises or as Dr. Pre called them “skid marks”. He delivered the placenta with just a little bit of manipulation and pushing on my belly.
Hubby and I hung out in the room and dozed on and off while I was cleaned up as well as the room. Dr. P arrived just after 7am. I wished she had delivered the baby but it all worked out.
IP’s came to visit with the baby and we got to hold her and take pictures and chat.
I ordered breakfast (after a lot of back and forth, it took about an hour!) and it was the best coffee I’d had since I became pregnant.
My new nurse arrived and we eventually moved into a recovery room (after my epidural worse off and I could pee and clean up.)
My BFF came and stayed the night with me and we chatted and slept and dozed on and off while I was mostly high. I saw a tech/nurse every few hours to check me and give me medication.  We visited the IP’s with their baby and visa versa as they stayed in the room opposite me.
I was discharged the next day at 11am.
IP’s and baby left the following afternoon.
Recovery at home has been good as I’ve had my BFF and hubby to look after me. Things are slowly getting back to normal. My hormones are a little out of wack so I’m very emotional and kinda homesick but it’ll get better I know I’m just so happy for the wonderful journey it was!
It was such an amazing experience, I can’t wait to do it again!!