17 Weeks and feeling GREAT!

I probably shouldn’t jinx myself but I can’t help it!
It’s funny. When you have really bad morning sickness you think it’s never going to end. You think you’ll feel like this forver. Throwing up daily. But then one day you feel a little better and then suddenly no more morning sickness, no more throwing up (if you know what not to eat.) For me my vomit triggers are: spaghetti sauce, most candies/chocolates, most dairy, very greasy fast food, soda’s/juice. So you’ve guessed it, I feel GREAT!
This past weekend I went and bought a few dresses at Ross and the thrift store. Not too many because my bump is still relatively small but still. A co-worker of Caleb’s works at Michael Kors and she told him about a floor length empire lined dress they have. he said I should go and try it on, so I might do that this weekend.

We/I have some exciting things coming up. In two weeks time we’ll be going up to NC to stay with E&M at their Lake Cabin (cannot wait!) hopefully we’ll get to see our BFF’s too (who live nearby) I really want them to meet E&M and visa versa. Caleb might get to try water skiing! Then the Monday after our mini-vacation we have our 20 week U/S gender scan in Savannah! So excited for that! Even though we all know what the gender is, it’s still fun to go for U/S’s! I’m also planning a secret girls weekend for my BFF for her birthday in September. It’s her BIG birthday year (28) she’s always been excited for this specific birthday (not 30) so I’m going to surprise her. I have envelopes of 28 different things that we’re going to do over 2 days. Hopefully that will work out!

Oh and before I forget here are the latest bunch of belly pictures:

14 1516 17