Countdown to Halloween

I know it’s been over a month since I last updated but finding time to write is hard (or rather I’m just terribly lazy!)

Today we (meaning me, Caleb, M&E) are 26 weeks along. Less than around 100 days to go … crazy how the time is flying!

A little update on what’s been going on. I did end up going to Asheville to visit my BFF for her birthday. We had lots of fun and she was very surprised and happy to see me. The drive wasn’t too bad, a little tiring.

The weather has been cooling down nicely except for the odd HOT day. We take advantage of the cool/hot weather by going to the beach which has been fun.

I’ve also started going to see a chiropractor for my lower back (and because it’s really good to go when you’re pregnant.) I went for my second session today which was great (much better than the first which hurt, which I knew it would!)

I’ve also been so tired lately (and moody poor Caleb and the boys get the brunt of my hormones! I’m trying to be better about it though.)

I am on a Halloween and Fall high right now, it’s my favourite time of year. It’s getting cooler, Halloween is around the corner, then Thanksgiving and then Christmas! I can’t wait! I decorated at home and at work so I am in full scary mode. The boys are dressing up as Batman and Captain Hook, I will be Cruella Deville at work and then as a scary mummy when we go trick or treating.

We have our court date set for November 1st – basically the birth order making sure the hospital and the court know that this precious little baby isn’t mine and that she belongs to E&M! It’ll be fun to see them! Then a friend of E’s is throwing her a baby shower on November 10th which we get to go to as well, looking forward to that, although I have some secret planning that I have to do that I must not forget!

 We have some fun plans for this weekend. Caleb and I are taking the boys to a nearby farm stall that has hayrides, pumpkin painting and a petting farm yard which I know they’ll enjoy. Then there is a great “fancy” burger place called Fat-Patties that Caleb has been dying to try (twist my arm why don’t ya!) which we’ll go to for lunch. We might even get a trip to the beach squeezed in too (maybe the waves will be good for Caleb to surf!)

 Anyway, I’ll try not wait as long to post next time. Onto the obligatory belly pictures (weeks 22-26) plus a bonus bikini one:

collage 22-26